What is different this year with Covid?

Due to a bus driver shortage we have been unable to secure a bus thus far. 

We still hope to find a bus so in faith we will collect bus fees to secure student's spots. The bus fee is $50 and can be paid via Venmo to @JosieDanko or by check (email for our address). 

We will notify you by DEC 31 if we were unable to secure a bus so that you can optionally seek a refund on your pass from Perfect North. You must contact Perfect North prior to the first trip (JAN 5) for a refund.

In this scenario, 4 week club passes would be eligible for a refund. All other passes (bronze, once-a-week, silver, etc.) could optionally be rolled over to the following year. In addition, your bus fee would automatically be refunded. 

Who can use the club discount?

ANYONE! The club discount of 30% off is available for friends, family, and students, so share the link with anyone. Note that the bus is restricted to 7-12th grade students.

Go to the sign up tab for purchase instructions.

Can my student go on the trips without the forms filled out and turned in?

Forms are required for students to ride the bus. The forms also allow club coordinators to assist in the event a student should need medical attention.

What if my student has never skied or snowboarded before?

Great! That's no problem. Perfect North provides a free lesson for beginners. They also have a lesson program available at a discounted rate for club members that we highly recommend. When signing up, select the "4 Visit Club Add On". The cost is only $40 and is a great way to ensure fun and safety for students. 

Furthermore, chaperones will show them how to get their equipment and help them onto the slopes. There will also be club chaperones and ski patrol present on the slopes to assist as needed.

What if my student does not have any equipment?

Perfect North has boot, ski, board and helmet rentals available, just choose the rental option when purchasing the pass. Your student will need to bring proper clothing and gloves. 

My student has equipment, but what do they do with it during the school day?

In years past, both high school and junior high students were allowed to place their equipment on the Junior High stage during the school day. It would be advisable to check with the front office prior to using this location. Alternatively, a favorite teacher will often allow for equipment to be stored in their classroom.

What do students do with their school supplies while skiing?

Students have two options. They may leave their school supplies on the bus. The bus stays at perfect north while we are there, and will be locked. The other option is to utilize lockers that Perfect North has available to rent.

Note: If students are not riding the bus home, they should not leave their personal items on the bus. If they do, they must meet the bus during pick up to claim their items.

How do students get their passes?

Students will see the Perfect North ticket window to pick up their pass the first week. 

Where do students meet to board the bus?

Students meet outside the Junior High main entrance.

When do students leave the school and arrive to be picked up?

We will depart the school at 2:30 pm, and will return to the Junior High at 9:00 pm. We will update our location via a GroupMe text. We ask that parents be prompt in their arrival to pick up students. This will allow chaperones to return home in a timely manner.

What should my student bring each week?

Students should bring the following items:

  • Hat (helmet included with rentals)
  • Gloves
  • Snow pants and coat
  • Food or money to purchase food
  • Pass
  • Equipment if they have it (or they may rent equipment)

Does my student have to ride the bus home if they rode the bus there?

Students are not required to ride the bus home. We will be requiring a parent/guardian to sign out your student by emailing at least 15 minutes prior to departure (emails before 7:45pm). 

What dates do we go?

January 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th unless we have a weather cancellation (see below). 

What if the weather conditions prevent a trip from happening?

We will decide by 12:00 pm the day of a trip if the weather will permit us to ski. It will be announced via Facebook, GroupMe, and email if we decide to cancel. This trip will be rescheduled for the week following our last trip (February 2nd and 9th are reserved with the bus company as make up days if needed).

If there is a snow day and school is cancelled or students are sent home early, ski club will also be cancelled. In the event of a delay, we will announce by 12:00 pm if ski club will commence.

How do you communicate with parents and club members?

We will send regular communications and trip updates via Facebook, GroupMe, and email. If you have an emergency, or need to find your student, you can contact a club coordinator.

Jordan Danko: 513 dash 257 dash 1765

Josie Danko: 513 dash 646 dash 2592

How do I sign up for GroupMe texts?

Download GroupMe, and email or text a club coordinators for the link to join the group text. Please include the student's name in the message.

What if my student gets injured?

If a student is injured on the slopes, ski patrol will respond and bring them to the first aid area. They will call a coordinator, who will come fill out forms and communicate with parents. All ski patrol are trained in first aid and how to respond to ski injuries.

The best way to prevent injury is to take lessons and practice safe ski habits. 

My student purchased a pass outside of the ski club sign up. How can they get on the bus?

Each year Perfect North runs a sale in the spring/summer for next years passes (about 9 months before the next season). They often offer a slightly better rate on passes than they offer clubs in the months leading up to the ski/board season. 

In years past we have given busing priority to students that bought through the club. This year, to simplify this infrequent case, students that bought passes outside the club, that wish to ride the bus, can do so on the same first-come-first-serve basis but with an additional $10 surcharge. 

Note: Due to how Perfect North structures the club program, if too many students purchase passes outside of club sign ups, we cannot continue to have a club. Therefore, we encourage students, friends, and family to utilize the club discount.