Please visit our Facebook page for updates and club information. Due to privacy and safety concerns, this is a closed group, but we will add you upon request. 

We will also be communicating through GroupMe, a group messaging app available for Android and iPhone. We will send out updates regarding location and pick up times, as well as cancelations due to weather. Download GroupMe and email or text a club coordinator for the link to join the group text. Please include the student name in the message.



Please visit the FAQ page for questions. Should you have questions outstanding after reviewing that page, you may email, text, or call us. Please include your student's name in the message. 

Ski Club Coordinators: Jordan and Josie Danko

513  dash  257  dash  1765 (Jordan)

513  dash  646  dash  2592 (Josie)

info  at  KHSskiclub.com

We are Kings alumni and live in the district. Jordan's parents ran the club when he was in school, and we were both a part of the club while we were students. 2020 will be our second year running the club. We look forward to skiing with you!